Are you a Creative Person Who Loves Freedom?
Do You Have A Passion For Creating Something Unique?
Are You Ready To Build The Business Of Your Dreams?

Become a part of the community of DESIGNERS, MAKERS and ARTISTS that will ENCOURAGE you to showcase your TALENT, MONETISE your skills, STRENGTHEN your weaknesses, MARKET your CREATIVITY and help you make PROFITS.

Identifying The Biggest Problem

The Problem

  1. Lack of knowledge/technical difficulties in setting up a sustainable system. 
  2. Too much available information in the internet space.
  3. People do not validate your products and services. 
  4. Lack of traffic on your websites
  5. The time-consuming business operations leave no time for creativity and family.

The Solution

  1. Setting up an effective digital ecosystem to build a sustainable business.
  2. Systematic step-by-step process to overcome information overload. 
  3. Developing a strong personal brand.
  4. Creating and generating traffic to your online store/personal website.
  5. Automation in your entire business process gives you freedom of time.

Support System

A Support System That Offers Complete Peace Of Mind.

  • Community – A closed community of like-minded Creative Entrepreneurs to learn, network, and collaborate. Membership is by invitation only.
  • Learn – Courses for creative entrepreneurs to help them get on their feet faster and build their dream business. Short and crisp, to the point, step by step explanation and Do It Yourself (DIY) Techniques.
  • Services – Hand Holding service packages to guide you throughout the start-up and scale-up journey.
  • Coaching – Clear the doubts and get expert advice through one-to-one or group coaching options for better clarity and guidance.

Join the fastest growing community of creative entrepreneurs

3 Secrets To Convert Your Passion Into A Profitable Business.

Exclusive Free 45 Minutes Master Class.

The vision of this community is to empower Designers. Creators. Artists.


I am Tamseel, a passionpreneur with over 20 years of experience.

Like you, I am also a PASSIONPRENEUR  and the founder of Passionpreneurs World with 20+ years of experience creating and marketing creative products. I am a designer, maker, mentor and marketer specialising in online marketing strategy and traffic generation.

I have the vision to empower creative people to start and grow their handmade businesses online, and for that, I have developed a digital ecosystem.

Core Topics

The courses and service packages are thoughtfully crafted to understand difficulties faced on each level while going through the journey from start to a profitable business. The actionable assignments and downloadable worksheets act as catalysts to speed up the process from passion to profits. The carefully created workbooks are extremely useful in managing the day-to-day business hustles more systematically and less time-consuming to create something exceptional.

Winning Idea

System Setup

Sales & Marketing


Personal Branding

Community Building


Traffic Generation

Automation & Scaling

What You Will Get?

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