The Vision

To empower creative people with the right business skill-set, concepts, tools and step by step Process. Help Them Run The Business On Autopilot To Live A Life Of Abundance And Freedom.

My belief,

We all are here to do something different, special and noteworthy.

We all are here to achieve something great and make a position for ourselves.

We all are here to be loved by our family and give them happiness.

We all deserve a life of abundance, and there is no stopping us if we come together and help each other grow.

We all are here for each other. Believe in us.

Tamseel Khan

Founder, Passionpreneurs World.

The Journey

An Experience

It all started when after successfully managing the creative business, I wanted to get back to marketing. In 2018, I joined a digital marketing agency and started exploring many aspects of the digital business. There came a project of the upcoming fashion brand. We were assigned to do complete branding and marketing from ideation to execution. While doing research and brainstorming, I realized that none of the fellow agency people had the experience to deal with a creative brand and understand the creator’s psychology. They were using their business experiences and trying to solve those problems that they had never experienced before. Only a creative person can understand the various steps and processes required to help a fellow creative while building a handmade brand.

A Small Step

I realized the need of starting a platform where I can educate creative people about the ups and downs of the business, the mental turmoil and the challenges they go through in the process. They need many technical as well as creative inputs to balance while building a sustainable system. In 2019, I started working on a blog where I wanted to give away my knowledge and experience of over 20 years in corporate and creative fields. I wanted to make a difference in the life of those who have immense talent but are unable to monetize their skills due to a lack of either business or technical knowledge or unorganised information. Finally, in September 2020, I started my blog, Fad and Fables, exclusively for creative people with the sole aim to provide the necessary information.

The Change

But I felt, along with the information, they need support. The support of the one who has gone through the process and emerged as a winner. Just informing about the problem is insufficient. Thus, I decided to develop a simple and crisp step by step process to start or scale up the handmade business so that creators can save time from day to day business operations and spend quality time creating exclusive products.

An Inception

So, I started developing a system that can empower creative people by educating, collaborating, networking, providing services and handholding guidance and help them become successful Passionpreneur. I felt the need for a more elaborative platform or rather community than just a blog that can provide creators with the complete system in an organized manner. That’s when I started working on Passionpreneurs world.

Lesson Learnt

Infact, these uncertain times have taught us the importance of our homegrown business through monetizing our skills and talents. Today having multiple streams of income is a necessity. When a new class of systematically trained and equipped creative entrepreneurs will arise, society will benefit exceptionally. The empowered entrepreneurs will face the uncertainties confidently and emerge as winners to create many success stories.

The Mission

With this vision, the Passionpreneurs World came into existence and focuses on empowering creative people with the right business skill-set, concepts, tools and step by step process to create a sustainable and profitable business using unique talents. The Digital Ecosystem will help them becoming passionpreneurs. It will encourage them to grow their passion into a thriving business, monetizing their talents and skills, strengthen their weaknesses, effectively market their creativity to make real income with profits.


The ecosystem gives a firm platform to the designers, artists, and creators derived from the 5-4-3 framework. It starts with inculcating the 5 C’s Mantra, becoming a part of the 4 step support system following 3 Secrets to becoming successful. This roadmap will help creative people to spend more time creating unmatched products and autopilot their business to live a life of abundance. 

The journey started from researching and conceptualizing a fashion brand to starting a blog, Fad & Fables and finally evolved into Passionpreneurs World. It took few years of hard work to convert just an idea into an ecosystem.  I am also learning every day with everyone and becoming better and better in many ways. Let’s take this forward and pledge to empower many creative people to live the life of freedom and abundance.

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